We hope you'll find these comments about our nursery useful ...
"The staff are really friendly, they have really helped my daughter settle in well to the baby room.  We really like hearing how she has got on each day and the staff are helping her develop."
M Trewin (Baby Room)

"Jack is always happy when we pick him up, which is a comfort to us.  We know he is looked after well, and has warmed to all of the staff."
J Morris (Baby Room)

"Leo is always happy to be dropped off in the baby room, and the friendly handovers help us massively.  The staff are always friendly and fun!"
L Adamson (Baby Room)
"Florrie always seems very happy when we pick her up at the end of the day.  One of her first words she used and talked about was “PLAYING”.  We have been really happy with Westfields and all of the staff for both our daughter and our son, who left this year to go to school.  He likes to come in and visit and pick up his sister so he can still see everyone."
F Muncaster (Toddler Room)
"Having moved to Cheltenham from Lymington in Hampshire, I had found a nursery I believed would be suitable for my son Jack, having been at nursery since he was 6 months old.  I believed it would be an easy transition - how wrong was I.  I removed him from that nursery as he was so unhappy.  And then I found Westfields!!  And what can I say, from the moment I stepped inside I knew it was the nursery for Jack and I.  After the dramas at his old nursery, he walked straight in and we went for a look around, I then didn’t see him again for 45 minutes.   Betty, Meredith and to be honest the whole staff team, bring so much to the table, that Jack is now upset when he doesn’t go to nursery.  I know that every day he does something new, he has made fabulous friends and the food he eats is always fresh and amazing!  Westfields and the team have been the best find I have made in Cheltenham since moving here and they have made Jack’s transition away from everything he’s known so much easier for us both and for that I am truly grateful."
J Dinnings (Pre-School)

“We have been using Westfields Day Nursery for over 5 years and our children have always been safe and happy there. It offers a real family atmosphere brimming with warmth and fun, provided by a wonderful team of dedicated staff ”.    
Rachel and Adam Watts
“Everyone is very friendly and has taken fantastic care of our precious little one. Dahra has enjoyed water play and walks ‘out and about”.
Clair O’Neill
“My son has been going to Westfields since he was 4 months old. What I like most about Westfields is the homely atmosphere. It feels like a big and happy family. The care is outstanding and you can tell that all of the children are loved – and they all like to be there. With friendly faces peering at you through the windows and cheery waves from the children and staff alike.
The food is excellent and is varied and interesting. There is a big garden, and children also go for walks in the park. The staff are lovely, and there is very little staff turnover. I can recommend Westfields unreservedly and I know that all the children who go there will be happy, and feel loved and safe”.   
Linmarie Ludeman (mother of Leo, age 2, and Mia, age 5)

"My daughter has been in Westfields since she was one and has had outstanding care from the outset. The staff are friendly, caring, and highly professional, and provide a variety of learning opportunities. The nursery has a fantastic outdoor space with climbing frames and slides, toy cars/ride-ons, roleplay shed etc, as well as a wide range of indoor facilities. The food is of a high quality, healthy, with a varied menu. We always feel our daughter is safe, well cared for, and very happy at this nursery!"
Claire G

"From the moment my grandson started here at 8 months old the staff have been second to none. They take the time to get to know the children and take the key person approach seriously. There is always a warm welcome with such a lovely homely feel. I would highly recommend this nursery to everyone."
Sharon G

“My son Herbert has been at Westfields from the age of 5 months, when he started in the Baby Room.
He is now a Tigger, age 2 ½ . In that time he has enjoyed every day at Westfields, and for me it has been very satisfying to know he is in a happy and safe environment.I have found the staff to be professional and trustworthy, and they have been excellent in keeping me informed of my son’s progress. I am very happy in the knowledge that my son looks forward to each day of play and learning at Westfields”.    
Paula Evans

"Excellent standards in the setting. Excellent staff. My daughter settled in really fast. Home from home nursery."
Laura Collins

"We are new to the town and the transition arrangements and care for Henry were excellent. He has been helped to settle in by the lovely staff. Whenever he has been reluctant to be left they have dealt with the situation appropriately but in a very caring way. His progress in his year at Westfields has been amazing, his speech, confidence, social skills and abilities have gone from strength to strength. He is a very happy boy and I am totally happy to leave him in Westfields exceptional and capable care, this cannot be underestimated as a working mum!"
Jane Kelly

"Very caring staff, my child has gained lots of new experiences and activities at nursery and is learning lots of new skills. The nursery has excellent equipment and facilities both indoors and outdoors. The food is also very good, healthy and a variety of different choices. The staff are also very helpful and have given me lots of useful advice and tips and I am very happy leaving my daughter here!"
Claire Griffin

"Westfields is a very friendly and homely nursery and one that both our children are thoroughly enjoying. The staff are professional and caring. The setting is great with fantastic outside space which is a favourite with our children. If they're in the garden at pick up time it's a long process to get our eldest to go home!"
Emily S

"My first daughter attended pre-school here and we were so happy to watch her confidence grow. She bonded immediately with staff and had many exciting opportunities to learn and play. My second daughter is now in the toddler room and loves coming to nursery. All the staff are caring and genuinely interested in each child as an individual. The garden space is amazing. She particularly enjoys painting and messy play and cooking."
Claire E

"I have used two other nurseries in Cheltenham with my first two children and when I moved jobs I needed one nearer to work and school. There were various to choose from but along with a good reputation and staff that have been at the nursery for a long time, which shows they are good employers, I really liked the home from home feel. Some of the others were too clinical. They also work closely with parents to ensure children are happy and settled. I can't recommend Westfields enough!"
Caroline Leyden

"The staff helped our son settle into nursery very well. They care and know each child very well and tailor the care to fit individual needs. We are very pleased with the home cooked food and the whole nursery has a lovely feel to it's atmosphere."
Lauren W

"I can confidently recommend Westfields. My identical twins have attended since they were a year old, and have been nurtured and educated (and well fed!) throughout their time at Westfields.   They come home nice and tired after a day packed with activities from craft to storytelling, from to baking to French, and lots of fun playing outside.
'There is very low staff turnover, and the girls have been very fond of all their keyworkers and the other staff.  I have been particularly impressed by the way the staff have all made it a matter of pride to be able to tell my daughters apart and treat them as individuals, and I think that it is typical of both the caring and attention to detail that we have experienced at Westfields.  There has always been excellent communication with us, especially when the girls have changed rooms, and when they were potty training etc.'
'Finally, the girls have loved their time at Westfields; it will be a hard act to follow for any school!"
Laura Batty

‘My daughter has attended Westfields since age 1 and has really enjoyed her time here. The staff are very caring and involve the children in lots of fun and educational activities. The nursery has a variety of healthy food and snacks. I always feel happy to leave my daughter here knowing she will be well looked after’.
Claire Griffin

‘Max loves coming to Westfields, he is always excited to get ‘stuck in’. I can go to work happy because I know Max is happy. The staff always take the time to find out how he has been and I enjoy listening to what he has enjoyed doing throughout the day.
Emily Babbage

‘We’ve always found the staff at Westfields to be very enthusiastic, innovative and supportive with a bespoke approach to the needs of your child. Our daughter loves going to nursery and sings all of the songs that she’s learnt on our journey each morning. My husband and I both felt the same on our initial visit to the nursery; it has a really warm and welcoming atmosphere with a distinct feeling of laughter and fun’.
Angela Campbell-Andrews

‘Such a lovely nursery; my daughter is always so excited about coming to nursery. The staff are wonderful and she loves them all’.
Laura Collins

“Children are well cared for in a secure environment where their safety and health care are of the highest standard. The nursery effectively promotes equality and diversity …. and from a young age, children regularly investigate sensory materials, including paint, sand and spaghetti, and explore the natural world - for example, they dig in the mud patch, collect leaves and play in the snow. Staff understand and meet children’s individual needs very well, and offer children close individual attention which helps them develop in a warm, caring environment.

There is an excellent partnership with parents, and the owners together with the manager and
staff are extremely committed to drive improvement and ensure continuous development of
the nursery. Parents speak highly of the staff and quality of care. They comment on the caring, approachable staff - and strong links with local schools ensure transition to school for
children is good”.